Tebakbola - AC Milan successfully defeated Celtic 3-1 in match result day 1 of Group H of the 2020-2021 Europa League

Tebakbola – AC Milan successfully defeated Celtic 3-1 in match result day 1 of Group H of the 2020-2021 Europa League. As a result, Thursday or Friday early morning local time (23/10/2020).

Now, Stefano Pioli’s squad is in second place in Group H with three points.

After the match, Pioli explained why AC Milan is now a giant club after recording a series of positive match results, and most recently, a way to Celtic. “Everything changed in January,” he said.

“It was a game we controlled well with character and quality. Although we made a few more technical mistakes and ran some risks in the second half,” said Pioli.

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“It is crucial for us to prove that we are not a ‘normal’ team. A regular team shows less motivation and determination after a thrilling win like the derby, “continued Pioli.

“But, we proved that we have one match and want to keep winning,” the AC Milan coach said, after getting the match result.


However, Milan is working hard to accomplish the tasks. The club all feel like an integral part of the project and are all working together to keep growing.

“The club deserves credit for continuing the work we have done and bringing in some talented young players,” he said.


Pioli also admits that a good result will increase the team’s confidence. However, they also know very well that difficult times will come, and must overcome them.

“This is a young squad, but even a player like Gigio is 21 years old, has got an experienced player”

Important Match

Pioli also said Milan always did well because they never wasted time. They also always regard the next match as the most important.

“Roma has an excellent front line. So this will be another big test between two teams that want to play positive football. Scoring more goals than their opponents and take the initiative,” he said.


“We want to continue our positive form and, a journey that has kept us growing since January above all.”

“I think everything changed in January. When we brought in players who have the same style of football we are in,” said Pioli.

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